Questions About This Online System

If I do the ‘Car or MotorCycle Theory; Actual Test’ on this website will I receive a Certificate?

This online system is designed to ease preparation, and familiarise you with The Official Theory Test. The only body allowed to issue a Certificate for the Theory Test in Malta is Transport Malta. Thus, you would have to present yourself to The Theory Test Centre and perform the Test over there in order to receive a Certificate.

With one payment how many times can I try the Tests on this website?

  • If you purchased the ‘All Questions’ Test you are allowed to try them 2 times, with 1 payment.
  • If you purchased the ‘Actual Test’ you are allowed to try the Test 5 times, with 1 payment.

If I started the Test on my laptop, can I continue it on any other device?

Yes, as long as you are connected to the internet! The most important is that you remember the email and password you created to use this system when purchasing a test. That way you can start on a device and then continue on another device. There is no limit to the amount of devices you can use.

Am I allowed to start a Test than finish or continue at another time?

Yes! This is one of the great benefits about using this online system! This applies both for the ‘All Questions’ Tests and ‘Actual Tests’. The most important is that you remember the password you used when you purchased a Test. Once you login the system will continue from where you left off! However, keep in mind that this is not so for The Official Theory Test.

Do the Tests have a time limit?

The ‘All Questions’ Tests do not have a time limit, but the ‘Actual Tests’ have a 45 minute time limit, exactly like The Official Theory Test. Please, also refer to the question about the time window.

Do I have a time window?

Yes; The ‘All Questions’ Test has a time window of 30 day and The ‘Actual Test’ has a time window of 15 days.

Every time I do an ‘Actual Test’, are the questions the same?

No. The questions would be always at random, no matter how many times you take the test.

The questions used in this online system are the same as the ones provided by Transport Malta?

Yes! This is another of the huge benefits of this online system! The ‘All Questions’ Tests have the same database as the one from Transport Malta, and the ‘Actual Tests’ questions are also chosen at random by a computerised system from that same question bank.

I am finding it hard to go through all the question bank… what can I do?

One of the main reasons we have built this online system is to answer this questions! 🙂 You can do two things:

  1. Purchase the ‘All Questions’ Test, which has a database of 444 questions for CARS & 391 questions for MOTORCYCLES. Remember, that you have a 30 day time window for this tests, thus, if you do just 40 questions a day, which can be very easily achieved, you will go through all the possible questions in about 10 days!
  2. Purchase the ‘Actual Test’, which is identical to Transport Malta. You have five attempts with one payment. If you do all five of them and you PASS from all of them you have a greater chance of PASSING The Official Theory Test. However, this way you wouldn’t have gone through all the possible questions. See below for more info;

IMPORTANT: Since you wouldn’t be going through all the questions, solution two is not the recommended method, as it defies the purpose of The Theory Test. The Theory Test is there NOT just as an obstacle step towards obtaining your licence, but to give you a much better knowledge & understanding of the Road Regulations / Proper Procedures for your own SAFETY and that of OTHERS! Thus, doing this is NOT recommended. We are only mentioning this as from our research we found out that many pupils go for their Theory Test and hoping to pass by luck without even reading the questions. Going for the test with this approach is very irresponsible, but definitely much better than not doing any preparation. The ‘Actual Tests’ are only to be used AFTER going through the ‘All Questions’ Tests, in order to then Test yourself in the comfort of your convenient place / time and to familiarise yourself with The Official Test!

The Official Theory Test

What is the minimum age for carrying out The Theory Test?


How much does The Theory Test in Malta cost?

The Theory Test costs €30.25. A re-sit costs €22.25. If you have failed your first test, make sure that you retain your receipt, in order to qualify for a re-sit discount.

Where can I get in touch with the Theory Test Centre to book a Test?

You can get in touch with the Theory Test Centre on 21227190 or you can click here to schedule / book an appointment to do The Official Theory Test.

When I apply, when would I be given an appointment?

Usually, the Theory Test Centre gives you an appointment for the following working day.

Where is the Theory Test Centre in Malta?

The Theory Test Centre is located next to RMF Ltd.

Address : Theory Test Centre, Gwardamanga Hill, Pieta, PTA1312

Map Link : https://goo.gl/maps/adB6PEEY5nDpNthg9

Actual Map :

During what times is the Theory Test Centre open?

Click Here to view the Theory Test Centre opening hours or call them on 21227190.

How is the Theory Test Conducted?

The Theory Test is a Multiple Choice Test. A very simple to use touch screen interface is used for you to be able to perform the Test.

How much time do I have to perform The Theory Test?

The Theory Test has a time limit of 45 minutes. This is ample time; we suggest to use the extra time to double check your answers.

How many questions do I have in The Theory Test?

35 questions, chosen at random from the full question bank, each time you perform a test.

What is the PASS mark of the Test?

The PASS mark is 85% or 30 from 35 questions. Therefore; if you get 30 or more right you PASS, but if you get 29 or less you fail :/

If I have a question that requires two answers, and I answer just one, would I get any points for that?

With every question you have a sentence mentioning how many answers you should answer. Make sure that you answer the amount instructed as if not you will not get any points for that question.

When I finish the Theory Test, can I go back and double check my answers?

Yes, and you should 🙂

What are the Tricks to Passing my Theory Test?

The trick to pass your test is to go prepared, thus, going through our Online System.

Another tip to make sure you chose the right answers is to read and understand carefully each question as sometimes you may understand otherwise. After finishing the Test you can revise your answers and correct them if wrong. Also make sure to read the amount of answers you should chose in every question, as failing to answer the amount required will invalidated your question, even if the answers are correct…

I PASSED!! What shall I do now?

Well Done!! You will be advised if passed or failed instantly. If passed you will be handed two certificates. One to keep safe in your records, and another to hand to your instructor when you are ready to apply for the Practical Test.

Does the Theory Test Certificate Expire?

No, at the moment the Theory Test Certificate doesn’t expire. We suggest that you check with TM or the Theory Test Centre, because regulations might have been modified from when this was written. This was written on 21/08/2017.

Other Questions

Where can I View The Driving Licence Regulations / Law of Malta?

You can download The Driving Licence Legislation / Regulations (S.L. 65.18) of Malta over here.

The above linked PDF was updated on 27/11/2020. For the most updated version go to https://legislation.mt/Legislation and in the search bar named ‘Search in Title’ type ‘Driving Licence’, then hit / click ‘Search’.

On this same website, on the TOP RIGHT, you can also choose english language.

What is the Minimum Number of Practical Driving Lessons, before I can Apply for the Practical Test!

View the answer in this dedicated YouTube video: https://youtu.be/RSlH1_y7-Hg

Where can I Contact TM (Transport Malta)?

You can get in touch with Transport Malta on the phone numbers +356 80072309 / +356 21222203 or by email on [email protected]