The SOLUTION to Malta’s Traffic Chaos!

& How Solving Transport Issues Can Inspire a Change in EVERY Sector in Malta… Leading to The RESTORATION of Maltese BEAUTY!

Being a Driving / Riding Instructor as from the year 2009, the question “why do we drive like we do!?” (‘u ijwa‘ mentality, no courtesy, etc…) has always been running through the corridors of my mind. The reasons / solutions are complicated but also very simple.

In 2009 the current situation we are in was already predicted, because I used to notice the little things that we didn’t care about, which were not generally noticed (since they were little things), which then led to this catastrophe we are in. As the English saying says… The devil is in the details!

The solution to our problems lies in the question I presented above (why do we drive like we do?). I am mentioning this because this is the most important thing that we shall do – present a question to ourselves, as that one question gave me a lot of insight and solutions. It gave me a sea of knowledge about the psychology of driving. ONE QUESTION, just one question! Solutions that by time have whined down my urge to present my solutions as nobody was listening to what I tried to explain, which might be understandable as it was all about the little things. So this is our very 1st step to elevating ourselves from this situation. ASK QUESTIONS to yourself & others! In Maltese we say “il-mistoqsija oht il erf”.

As we are already realising by now, no project, no metro, no free bus system, no e-scooter, no major project or Gozo-Malta tunnel will save us from this conundrum. With all these projects we are only, as we say in Maltese, covering the dust with the carpet (nghattu it-trab bit-tapit). Eventually the dust underneath the carpet becomes a mountain of dust that we cannot control!

Join me in this part-by-part discussion by commenting below. What you just read is just the introduction. From time-to-time I will be publishing an update in the form of a link (published on this page). The discussion will evolve around your comments. Participation, engagement, critical thinking & having elevated discussions within communities / groups / friends is the fulcrum towards making Malta better. I am not talking about traffic / transport only here, but EVERYTHING!

I have dedicated the past 12 or so years towards finding a solution to this problem. I look forward and am very keen to share this with you. Next we will discuss the question presented above & were shall we start from in this Mediterranean gem. This is another point we shall work on… going to the source of a problem, as going to the source of a problem (vs doing damage control) will give solutions that ripe for generations!

What are your thoughts about the above?…