I am finding it hard to go through all the question bank… what can I do?

One of the main reasons we have built this online system is to answer this questions! 🙂 You can do two things:

  1. Purchase the ‘All Questions’ Test, which has a database of 444 questions for CARS & 391 questions for MOTORCYCLES. Remember, that you have a 30 day time window for this tests, thus, if you do just 40 questions a day, which can be very easily achieved, you will go through all the possible questions in about 10 days!
  2. Purchase the ‘Actual Test’, which is identical to Transport Malta. You have five attempts with one payment. If you do all five of them and you PASS from all of them you have a greater chance of PASSING The Official Theory Test. However, this way you wouldn’t have gone through all the possible questions. See below for more info;

IMPORTANT: Since you wouldn’t be going through all the questions, solution two is not the recommended method, as it defies the purpose of The Theory Test. The Theory Test is there NOT just as an obstacle step towards obtaining your licence, but to give you a much better knowledge & understanding of the Road Regulations / Proper Procedures for your own SAFETY and that of OTHERS! Thus, doing this is NOT recommended. We are only mentioning this as from our research we found out that many pupils go for their Theory Test and hoping to pass by luck without even reading the questions. Going for the test with this approach is very irresponsible, but definitely much better than not doing any preparation. The ‘Actual Tests’ are only to be used AFTER going through the ‘All Questions’ Tests, in order to then Test yourself in the comfort of your convenient place / time and to familiarise yourself with The Official Test!