NO PARKING Temporary Permits… PROPERLY Please! 😏

Before we start talking about using them for construction, hi-up, lifter or any other temporary-access reason, we should really consider using PROPER SIGNAGE, and not just a piece of printed paper!

My suggestions & reasoning to the above sentence:

  • Every Local Council should have proper signage stocked that include a wide, steady & heavy base (so wind doesn’t drop it), together with a pole and sign like the ones shown in the pictures below.
    The pictures shown are just an example. Obviously, the proper sign (according to the Highway Code) has to be used, a longer pole & maybe a wider base to adapt for our winds.
  • In today’s busy & hectic life just a paper stuck on the wall won’t do;
    1. It’s easy to miss!
    2. Paper can be taken off by wind, rain or even an individual.
    3. Since a piece paper is not part of the Highway Code (I stand to be corrected) some people (including tourists) might not understand the sign promptly.
  • Signs should be placed at least one week before with the days & times that the road will be closed… because yes, some people don’t go next to their car every day… They might be abroad or maybe decide to care more for the environment and use their feet, bike or bus to travel!
  • These signs should be supplied to the Local Council from a central location, to make sure that they are identical and in conformity, so road users can identify them at the first glance!
  • These lollipop signs should be placed by designated official people to make sure that they are done in the right time, and photos of them with timestamps should be taken as evidence that they were placed. Without such evidence I believe that it might be challengeable in front of a court.
  • There has to also be a clear indication of the beginning and end of the No Parking section. Indicating on a wall with a paper is not specifying exactly a START and a FINISH!
  • Lastly but most importantly, a proper team that will focus only on this particular subject should be setup, with a special telephone to call if a car is parked there, and immediately a towing truck will come at the expense of the vehicle owner. I mean, you pay a permit for a reason… That money should go in a fund and this setup I am speaking about will be paid from there & from the fines.

Trust me, the above is good for all… but it has to be proper, prompt and consistent… so no one will abuse it! NO paying for a worker for nothing, because someone has parked on the temporary no parking. NO excuses for not seeing the signage. Authorities will be able to cope better with the volume of work, etc… The benefits are vast!

What are your ideas about this!? 🤔 Write them below 👇👌