Other Payment Methods

  • BOV by Mobile Number – +356 79704880
  • Revolut by Mobile Number – +356 79704880

Important Simplified Instructions:

  1. Send €5 with one of the above methods
  2. Send us an email on info(at)theorytestmalta.com . In the email include:
    • Which Test you would like to buy
    • Name & Surname
    • Email address that you would like to use to login with, to perform the test

Once you send us that information we will reply with a password. Please note that we do our utmost to process an order immediately, however we cannot assure you about this (especially if it is during the night). Having said that, we promise to process within 24 hours.

If you prefer to have the service instantly, the easiest thing to do is to process the payment with PayPal or Credit Card by following the payment process, which is available in each Test.