Rough Weather & Sea Malta / Heavy Rain & Flooding

Below is a list of videos with adverse weather conditions in Malta. Some videos also have a comical / sarcastic twist 😉 – The 3rd video is Storm Helios!

Enjoy Watching!

Heavy Rain in Xemxija – An Interesting Location to Visit with Several Scenic Views – One of them is The Roman Road (Xemxija Heritage Trail)
It’s NOT a ‘Rough Weather’ video, but a purposely sunk ship (Hephaestus). A ship that was shipwrecked on the 10th of February 2018 in Ta’ Fra Ben Qawra (exact shipwreck location & sunk location can be found in the description of the video). Funnily enough, this ship was shipwrecked on the feast of St. Paul. It is believed that St. Paul shipwrecked in Malta & brought the Catholic Religion.
Simenta – A favourite-to-many swimming location in St. Paul’s Bay. The area is called Thalassalejn / Tal-Ghazzenin. The proper name is Thalassalejn, but some pronounce it as the latter. (Helios Storm)
How about a FREE Car Wash with Salt Water!? This was during a storm in February 2019, when fish was being pushed by the waves on the road, and people were literally picking up live fish from the road shown above.
Torrential & Flooded Roads All Around Malta, with some good music!
Windy, Cold & High Visibility, with Breathtaking Views / Clouds from the Tail of Malta (because yes, from a satellite view Malta looks like a fish)! You can see The Majestic Red Tower (It-Torri L-Ahmar), Gozo, Comino, Popeye Village, Cirkewwa, Mellieha Bay (Ghadira), Mellieha Church, The White Tower (It-Torri L-Abjad), Danish Village, etc… What a Location!